Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Damn girl looks like a sister"

Two weeks ago I was off the Kedzie stop on the green line for a job
interview and this guy walks by me and says something like "Hey baby
how you doing." I didn't look at him or say anything, and he walks
past me. Then from behind me I hear him say "Damn girl looks like a
sister." This kind of thing happens frequently. Yes thank you all very
much I'm aware that I have a large ass.

The best was when one of my co-workers referred to me as "thick as
hell" and proceeded to inform that if I went to his neighborhood I
would be like "A piece of fried chicken on a string" and all the guys
would be jumping to get a bite at me. Really, was that necessary? The
next time we worked together I made it perfectly clear that I did not
want him to talk to me anymore and he has not bothered me since.

Now that I know this exists I'll probably be a frequent poster since
this kind of thing happens daily.

~Submitted by Molly