Thursday, April 24, 2008

Summer Is Upon Us!

Sorry for the lack of updates this winter. I didn't get very many e-mails and I didn't do much to promote the blog because of my own busy schedule. But summer is quickly upon us and most women know what that means. Skimpier clothes and more street harassment. Now I don't want to suggest that women are not harassed during the winter because they certainly are. I had plenty of stories from friends being harassed in Lakeview and I even experienced a few cat calls while I was wearing my enormous winter parka and, in my opinion, looked pretty gender neutral. Regardless of what we look like, women are always the sex class which means that in the eyes of some people, we are always sexually available. In this way weather, clothing, body type, location, etc do not matter when considering street harassment.

That being said, women certainly exerience more street harassment during the summer. I am going to try to commit myself to maintaining and promoting this blog with more ferocity because we MUST hollar back and end street harassment so that women (and men) can feel safer on their streets.