Friday, November 02, 2007

Creepy Guy Does NOT Get the Message

I was coming home from law class at about 8:30pm on Monday the 29th. I noticed a man sitting near the adjacent door wearing an overcoat and green leather "cabbie" hat, neatly dressed. This man began to make suggestive "compliments" and hand gestures to two young women as they left the train. The young women looked a bit embarrassed but said nothing. Unfortunately, I became the next target of his attentions.

He points to me, then gives me the "thumbs up," and says, "you, you're a bit old but I wouldn't mind fucking you either!" (I'm in my late 30s, not dressed suggestively or revealingly - but neither were the other women he spoke to) I say nothing, but I move a bit further away and put in my earphones to communicate I'm not interested in any interaction.

He becomes angry that I don't acknowledge his comments, shouting "I'm talking to you, bitch! I just paid you a compliment, and you didn't say thank you!! Didn't your mama teach you to say thank you? What are you, a wiseass or a smartass? Fucking bitch, you listen to me when I'm talking to you!"

I say nothing and continue to ignore him, but stand my ground because I am sick of this type of behavior. I feel I'm too old to have to deal with this crap and I refuse to run away and be forced to move. I just pretend he doesn't exist.

He gets up and walks over to a young woman, and I hear him ask her if she knows me - she shakes her head.

There were perhaps a dozen other people on the trains car, who (of course) said and did nothing.

~Submitted by Lenka