Monday, September 03, 2007

creepy non-prophet

Today I was on the Addison bus eastbound, right in front of Wrigley Field, when I was harassed by a very creepy, very smelly, very old man. The man shook a rosary in my face and told me "You know what happens to women who reveal their cleavage..... hellfire... abuse.... rape." The ellipses indicate the parts that were too slurred for me to understand.

Now it was about 90 degrees in the shade today, so I was wearing a fairly low cut tank top -- nothing spectacular -- just a simple tank top. Apparently that is all it takes for me to become the target of some sleazy old man's diatribe against young women. He clearly felt that because I am a woman I must want his opinion of my attire, or something. Anyway, it was very upsetting and no one on the bus even acknowledged that I was being harassed.

~submitted by Cortney