Saturday, September 15, 2007

Drive By

Two goons that work in the Clark/Lake CTA stop building made rooster noises at me (i have an orange mohawk so it looks like the comb of a rooster...i have gotten this before). I confronted them and they got quiet but snickered behind my back. (they got my middle finger)..they did it again on my way home from work yesterday but were HIDING from me, if you can believe it. I ignored them this time but plan on getting in their face with a camera phone next time.

The site reminded me of a few stories I had the misfortune of experiencing while living here in my early 20's.

When i was 21 or so I was riding my bike in my neighborhood (a few blocks from Wrigleyville) I got harassed a lot on my street, lots of men sat on their porches or hung out of windows making stupid noises or kissy sounds. Vile. I stop at a corner and dismount my bike, lifting my leg over the seat. I'm wearing short shorts cause hey it was hot out. I get a squicky feeling and see a man crouched on the corner, staring at me. I glare at him and pull the legs of my shorts down. He says " what, I already saw what I wanted to see" referring to the fact that he had a clear eye level view of my crotch as I dismounted my bike. I don't know why i didn't throw my bike at him or slap him but all these years I wish I had done more than feel sick and shoot eye-daggers at him.


I'm walking home after shopping (Clark/Belmont area) and a car full of hipster punker guys pulls up by me. One leans out and asks me what im doing, blah blah. I say "nothing with you" or something along those lines, still walking. His buddies are grinning at their hilarious pal's antics. They keep slowly driving by me and he says something like "hey come on what are you doing, where are you going...come on" So I look at him and say "I will fucking break you in half, leave me alone" Haha! The window leaner gets IRATE, especially because his buddies started to laugh at my comment. Leaner's true contempt for women bursts forth as he screams "I'll cut you, you fucking bitch!" I say "fuck you" or "yeah right" or something stupid and they drive off, Window Leaner still screaming. I thank the driver for having the brains to know when it's just not funny anymore. I walk home shaking and actually pretty afraid they were going to follow me but glad I said something to get a rise out of the little creep. Ah , Chicago. It's so nice to walk home afraid that standing up for oneself might result in being attacked later.

~submitted by missmonster