Wednesday, August 15, 2007

helpful guy

I saw one of these guys in action. I was on a bus going downtown when a woman in her early 20 got on board and sat at the back of the bus. A few stops later, a guy around her age got on.
There were quite a few empty seats up front, but he went straight for the back. A few minutes later I saw him sitting behind the girl, whispering to her. She had this look on her face like she was embarassed.
About 5 minutes later she said "come on man, could you leave me alone?" By then he was sitting next to her, and she looked upset. She saw me and gave me this "please help me"look. I got up and acted like I was surprised to see her. I said "Tracy?? Hey girl, its me ... uh ... David." I walked over to her seat and said, "How have you been doing?I ain't seen you since high school." The guy sort of sat back. I was like, "Come up front, girl. Lets catch up on old times." She followed me to the front of the bus and whispered "thank you" as we walked.
We got off the bus together and she told me that she'd missed her stop because the guy wouldn't let her get off. He was telling her the things that he wanted to do to her.
She thanked me again and told me that if it wasn't for me, this might have turned into something serious. "Most people wouldn't have done anything,"she said. I actually felt good.

~ submitted by Bobby