Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Whole Foods Fool

I'm at Whole Foods with my new roommate. We have no food in the apartment, so we decide to get dinner and some overpriced fruit-n-snacks there. In line at the hot-bar, a man sidles up to me and slurs alcoholically, "What're you getting?" as he squeezes my arm.
"Please stop touching me!" I say, scooting away.
He's now next to my roommate, and he sticks his finger into her rice! And LICKS IT!
An employee had heard me yell at the guy, and he approached me to ask what was going on. I tell him what happened, and when I look up, dude is travelling around the bar, sticking his fingers in every dish and licking them, staring at me!
My roommate announced, "I'm gonna punch that guy," and took off after him and the employee who was ostensibly chastizing him. I stayed away, afraid he'd wait for us after he got kicked out (which I assumed would happen, considering his behavior).
Later, in checkout, the manager told us he gave the guy a "final warning" that if he ever behaved that way again, he'd not be allowed into the store again. Hello? Touching women and germ-ifying the ENTIRE hot bar isn't grounds for being removed?
The checkout lady told us he had been "overly forward" with her and had touched another woman checking out while he waited to PURCHASE A BOTTLE OF WINE.
I assume he drove home.