Sunday, February 18, 2007

no means no

One time I was waiting for the 6 bus, and a man sat next to me. He started up a conversation, asked me what I was studying, etc. It seemed innocent and friendly but got weird when he sat across from me on the bus and proceeded to ask me if I had a boyfriend, if age mattered to me in dating, how he only dates artists, if I liked to drink, and so on. He was really freaking me out, and kept telling me that I had a great smile and that I just put him at ease, and I was a little worried that when my stop came he'd follow me (he didn't). But come on creeps, you're old enough to be my father! What's up with that?

Another time, I was walking back to my dormitory from my friend's. I feel this guy tap me on the shoulder, but I figured if I kept walking that he'd leave me alone. But he rammed his body into me in order to get my attention. He then started rambling about how if I were his girlfriend he'd fight for me, and how he'd take care
of me, whatever. And then he asked me for money to help him buy some food. I told him I didn't have any money. He kept telling me that I had to have some money, he was really hungry, and I told him again that I was sorry, and that I didn't have any money. I reached into my pocket, because I had picked up a nickel earlier in the day and gave it to him, saying it was my only money (which it was.). Then he had the audactiy to yell, "You didn't even look in your purse"
I was pissed.

~submitted by R. B.