Sunday, February 18, 2007

an unwelcome Valentine

I REALLY regret not having a camera phone.

At 5:30P at the Thompson station a man boarded the Brown Line.

He put his hands on a young woman and myself while also having his hand on his exposed self; using the hooded sweatshirt and pocket in his coat to attempt to shield his actions. After alerting the young girl and the people surrounding me, they witnessed the behavior as well and stopped the train at Sedgwick. The man attempted to run but was prevented by a blocked exit.

This man is 5'8-10", 160-65 lbs, in his early thirties, medium complexion, possibly hispanic.. He has a smooth, shaven face, thin/straight nose. He was wearing black cords with gold zipper (sad I had to see that), dark navy hooded sweatshirt with pocket in front--he wears the hood over a navy baseball hat with a white emblem, black leather jacket that zips up the front with a short fur collar (pocket may be cut out of jacket so he can reach under). Wide eye separation with the lids drawn just slightly down--a bit sleepy. Soft spoken--but determined, only when really pushed did he stop and leave.

In this city, I have never witnessed this. I am thankful for the conductor and for a fellow passengers in the CTA law department who chased the man and got the description as well.

What frightened me most is that I yelled at him VERY loudly on the Sedgwick platform when he exited the car, and he did not seem phased by my yelling and the attention.

~submitted by Sue