Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dress up = Feel up?

Last Halloween I was out as the token male with my girlfriend and a large group of her female friends. We were at a bar party and all of the women were dancing in a big group. I was seated at a table nearby and spotted at the edge of the dance floor a guy in a devil costume putting his hand down and behind him so that women would bump into it. Right when I noticed it, my girlfriend bumped his hand and he actually grasped her thigh just a little bit. She brushed away his hand and moved away, barely skipping a beat, but of course I was livid. Not because (insert 40oz of machismo) "he touched my woman", but just because he was a dick and I couldn't believe what he was doing. He and I had some words and the group of women that I was with decided to move to a different part of the dance floor.

Not much point to that story other than to highlight that I'm just sickened by predators. And they are everywhere.

~submitted by Kenner