Wednesday, February 14, 2007

good cop, bad cop to the rescue!

I was in Wrigleyville on Clark with a few girlfriends heading home from the bar. A guy walked by and grabbed my ass and then grabbed my friend's ass. Of course, we were both furious, and we told the other girls what had just happened. One of them got so angry that she walked up to a nearby policeman, who was eating a burrito and talking to his friend. We asked him if he could do something, but he just stared at us blankly.

His partner, however, saw that we were having a problem, and responded immediately. We told him that we didn't want to press charges, but asked them if they would give the boy a bit of a scare. He made his worthless partner put down his burrito and get in the car with him (for which his friend chastised us). When we turned around 10 minutes later, the cops still had this guy in custody - lights flashing and all.
It was brilliant.

~submitted by Megan