Monday, January 29, 2007

sunny day, sweeping the clouds away ...

I was waiting at the Fullerton stop when a 30-something guy in a nice suit began looking me up and down and whistling under his breath. I ignored it as I usually do, and instead of getting on the Red Line I got on the Brown Line, because I assumed he wouldn't follow me.
He did, and he sat right next to me. Under the guise of asking for help, he got me to start talking by saying "I'm looking for a street. Can you help me?" And continually avoiding saying the actual street to keep me engaged. Finally he whipped out his cell phone and said "I'm looking for BEAUTIFUL STREET!" I had to laugh because it was funny, but then it started getting worse. He kept talking about how beautiful I was, and even after I began ignoring him he continued. Finally he managed to get down to the point, which was apparently that he was a "licensed massage therapist" and that he "really wanted to see my feet." I was creeped out enough to get off the train.

Then, about three months later, I was walking down Halsted when I heard "Hey, I'm looking for a street, can you tell me where it is?" I turned around, recognized the man and said "You've done this to me before!" He looked extremely shocked and said "What am I looking for?" I replied "Beautiful Street" and continued on my way. He seems harmless enough, but he won't take no for an answer.

~submitted by Irene