Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a call to arms: red line/ brown line creep!

Hey I saw the posting about the short old guy rubbing his boner on chicks on the train. He has been doing this for years, way back in 2001 during my freshman year of college he did the same thing to me in a really crowded train car (same black leather jacket back then)- I was so young and to scared to say anything. I got off at fullerton and watched as he got on the next car so he could poke it at some other unsuspecting lady. I have thought about him often wondering if I would see him again or if I would meet someone else who has had the serious
displeasure of feeling his stupid little dick on your leg.
Come on girls he has been getting away with this for at least 6 years on the same friggin train! He is shorter than most of us- we have to take him down! To the chica who can snap him - I will buy a bottle of champagne after his sentencing!!
~ submitted by Jenn