Friday, December 01, 2006

A Very Special Day

Is there a world record for getting harassed? In one day I got hit on four times within a twenty minute walk!

1)After leaving my building to walk to class which is merely a couple blocks I crossed an alley and a truck driver literally blocked my path. He used some stupid pick up line and wouldn't leave me until I yelled at him explaining I was late for class.

2)Five minutes later, a guy crossing the street changed the direction he was walking to follow me and ask for my phone number.

3)After ignoring creepo number two I walked past The Hilton when one of the workers asked if he could take my picture for a magazine.

4)Finally, before I reached my building a car full of boys started yelling comments to me about how I look like Beyonce and fed up with everything else I gave them a cold look and kept walking. They then proceeded to call me a bitch.

At that same time I crossed paths with an older woman that knew exactly what I was going threw. She gave me a look of concern and sympathy and I replied the with a half smile that said "that's life!" Even though we said nothing to each other I knew that by both of us being women in Chicago, we were connected in the problem of dealing with street harassment on a daily basis.

~submitted by Angel