Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Memories of Chicago

I just found your website, and reading the posts made me want to write about my experiences. I moved out of Chicago this summer, but lived there for four great years!

*The first year I lived in Chicago, I was walking back from the train to my apartment in Wicker Park, not late at night, but it was after dark. I was talking on my cell phone to one of my friends when some teenager ran up to me from pretty much no where, grabbed my ass and ran away before I could kick his ass. It was harrowing, and made me think about printing out signs and posting them around the alley where it happened, though I never did. If only this site had been around...

*Other than that, I have been subjected to the usual catcalls, though this spring I was walking to the train in the Loop and was crossing an alley where a moving/rental truck was stopped. There was a woman in front of me also, and sure enough, catcalls came out of the truck. I proceeded to give them the finger while crossing in front of them (which is a sort of scary prospect), instead of my usual yelling back telling them to fuck off.

~ submitted by CJC