Thursday, November 30, 2006

Free publicity

I took the bus home this past Friday- the 147 express, from Michigan Ave. to Edgewater, where I have recently bought my first condo. I was sitting in the back corner of the bus- along that back row. Half-gazing out the window, and half eavesdropping on the conversation between this very good looking guy and his female coworker, I noticed that the guy to my left was rubbing his right leg up against my left leg- very slowly, up and down. Immediately, I snapped my head to the left, and in a very stern, yet hushed voice, I say to him "What the fuck are you doing with your leg?" and he immediately stopped. Unfortunately, I was stuck where I was. But sitting there, I kept getting angrier and angrier, and remembered your website, and took his picture with my camera phone. Cute guy and coworker girl thought I took a picture of him, but I explained the whole thing, right while he was sitting next to me. Surprise surprise, he got up and off at the next stop! Cute guy and coworker now think I am awesome, and I believe you'll have 2 new fans of Hollaback.
~ submitted by Emily (picture to follow!)