Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Whistling Barista

I have been frequenting Unicorn Cafe in Evanston and have been subjected to my fair share of staring and leering behavior, not by students but by older men. They have all been customers, while not excusable, I have not had repeat incidents occur. I am writing because I am sick and tired of the male bearded barista who along with another male customer leer at me. They engage in this bizarre behavior of whistling. They can't wolf whistle of course that would be blatantly inappropriate, but they start whistling a tune every time I come in. I'm guessing they are challenged (the bearded barista) by beauty and women or just plain scared but it comes off as harassing nonetheless; particularly when he does not do it to anyone else. All of a sudden he decides to sing when I come along? Or in his own depressing pathetic way, is he signaling his attraction to me? I wish he would stop. Sure I can go somewhere else but I'm tired of this. I'm not an object.

~Submitted Anonymously