Tuesday, June 01, 2010

One evening in March I was walking near Broadway just north of Montrose. I was by myself, on my way to meet up with some friends. I heard a man shout "Yeah, you gotta nice ass!" and I ignored him - maybe he wasn't talking to me? I started walking faster, and I wanted to cross the street and get further away from him (he was following me) so I turned my head to see if any cars were coming. He thought I was turning to see him, so he said, "Yeah I'm talking to YOU! You gotta fine ass walk!"

So then I sped up a little more (I couldn't cross the street there) and when he started to call out something else, I held up my left hand, showing off my ring finger, without looking back at him - I'm married and I have the bling to prove it. He responded by saying "Oh I see, you're married..." and then blah blah blah, I don't remember what he said. And I'd refused to dignify his comments by looking at him, so I don't really know what he looked like, but once again, I wish I would have thought to turn around and take his photo.

-Submitted by G