Tuesday, June 01, 2010

No One Did Anything

I was waiting for the 77 bus at Belmont late on a Saturday night. I had been out drinking, but I was not drunk at all...I was actually wearing a pencil skirt and nice non-revealing top because I had been working earlier that day and hadn't changed. An SUV pulled up and this blah looking 35-45 year old man looked at me from his window. Before he opened his mouth I tell him "I'm FINE, you can KEEP driving," but no, he asked if I needed a ride. I explained, "No, you can MOVE ON you are fucking CREEPY" he kept on telling me to look at the baby seat he has in the back. He then showed me a picture of his wife and kid "does that make me creepy?" he kept on asking, while still asking me to get into his car, and I finally yell "YES IT MAKES YOU WAY FUCKING CREEPY MOVE ON, I AM NOT STUPID!"

Ugh, I really do NOT understand. There were a lot of people around too, this has happened waiting for the 77 before except those guys tried to tell me the 77 had stopped running. I also told them I wasn't stupid and that it ran all night- an older (seemingly nice) guy was waiting with me to and he did NOTHING.

What if I wasn't me and I was dumb enough to get in that car? Would anyone have stopped me?

~Submitted by Catherine