Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Street Humiliator Gets a Taste of Public Humiliation

This guy outside of Mcdonald's on Milwaukee in Logan Square yelled something at me regarding my ass, so instead of doing what I usually do (be in a bad mood all day, cuss under
my breath, scowl at everyone, regret not doing anything), I took out my
camera and started snapping photos. I then started yelling, "Say something
now! Say something now! You man enough now? What? You can't say anything
now?" and he cowered in fear.

Soon everyone on the street noticed the scene I was making and they were
all laughing along at the poor sucker. A troupe of girls in Catholic
school uniforms were especially amused. A passerby exclaimed, "So now he's
camera-shy!?" It felt wonderful to turn the tables of humiliation onto the