Friday, August 14, 2009

Cell Phone Film Maker on the Red Line

I was riding the Red Line northbound last night; we were around Sheridan when I noticed that the guy sitting in front of me was taking videos with his phone of a dozing teenage boy. The guy was very obvious about it, holding his phone out and shooting the boy's from his face to his crotch to his calves. When each 60-second clip would end, he would start a new one. I leaned forward and said to him loudly enough for all to hear that he was being creepy. He ignored me completely, so I repeated, louder, "Excuse me. YOU ARE BEING CREEPY." He ignored me and continued to film, so I stood up and pulled out my camera phone and took his picture. At this point he pretended he was talking on his phone. I took several pictures of him, getting close to his face and asking him how he liked it. He continued to pretend he was talking on his phone and at one point muttered something that sounded like "shut up." I kept my eyes on him to make sure he see if he was going to try to follow me as I got off the train at Argyle, but he continued to hold the phone to his ear.

~Submitted by Jesse