Saturday, December 16, 2006

Redline/ Brownline Creep!!!

I am writing to warn my fellow Chicago women of you a creepy old man I encountered on the El last night. I got on the brownline. It was really crowded, and we were all smushed up against eachother. This old guy got on and ended up smashed up against me. I felt something against my leg. At first I tried to tell myself that he just had something in his pocket, but eventually I got the distinct feeling there was something else going on. He could tell I knew what was going on, and he left the car I was on at the Sedgwick stop. I said something to someone else on the train. This other woman overheard me. She said that he did the same thing to her a couple weeks ago. She was watching him, and sure enough he was moving his hand and she could see the outline of his boner. She and I both got off the train at Fullerton to transfer to the red. We saw him on the platform. I went over to confront him. I called him out for what he did. I told him to keep his boner to himself and not rub it up against innocent women. He tried to deny doing it, and the other woman backed me up. When I went to find a CTA employee, he took off. But another woman overheard us and came over. It turns out that at Sedgwick he had just changed cars and proceeded to do the same thing to her. We found a CTA worker. He brought a couple cops up, so we could give them a description. The creep is still at large.

Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture. I tried to, but he evaded me. So I am passing on his description. He is an older man, I would say around 60. He is short, probably about 5'2". He has a Russian accent. He wears a black leather jacket. He has scarring on his face, but no facial hair. He has a stocky build with a belly, but is not obese. He is bald on top, but has grey hair ringing his head. He has dark eyes. If someone matching that description tries to do the same thing, don't be afraid to call him out. He is clearly a serial predator. I was too freaked out and worried I might be wrong to call him out on the train. I am just glad I had another chance to do so on the platform.

~submitted by Jennifer