Thursday, November 30, 2006

More from Wisconsin ...

I know this is for Chicago but I live in Wisconsin about 2 hours aways... I figured this was close enough.
I can remember at 15 years old, walking through town and having older men whistle, hoot, holler, whatever they wanted and it scaring me. Now I'm just annoyed. I am 21 years old and I work 3rd shift at a convience store. Most of the men there are regulars but once and a while I will get someone from out of town, drunk.
Just last week I had a man ask me if he was "making my pussy wet"... What the hell kind of pick up line is that??? I was so disgusted. And I told him. I asked if he thought that was attractive, if he thought I enjoyed something like that comment. And he just smiled. Seriously thinking that it was ok. Well it wasn't. I let him know kindly that it was a rude and a disturbing thing to say to a woman, especially one he didn't know. Yet he continued to say very nasty things to me. Enough was enough. I told him to leave the store.
Even though I felt "violated" by his comment I felt great standing up and letting him know he was wrong. And I felt even better once he had left.
Thank you for having this site. it is nice to vent.

~submitted by Julie