Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Wasn't My Fault

I was walking to the gas station today to get some dish washing liquid. A group of 5 young boys walked by and one of them said "hey shawty what's your name?"

Of course being the person I am I ignored him 1. Because he was ugly and 2. He was young as hell like 15 or 16. Anyway after I ignored his comment he struck back by saying "Damn! You don't know how to speak!" and he kept walking I thought that it was over after that but I was wrong.

When I walked out the gas station the group of boys were not too far down the street they were like 2 blocks away so I knew if I walked by again something bad probably would've happened so I went to the opposite side of the street and once I walked past here came the harsh comments: "You ugly slut!" "You bitch!" "You hoe bet u suck dick!" "You ugly as fuck" etc.

These comments ensued until I was one block away from them. Pissed and frustrated at me thinking before acting I didn't say anything back to them because I figured that it would turn into something worse than just a few harsh words. I ran in the house trying to find a weapon and get some male friends to basically...well kill all them.

I was calmed down by my family members though before stuff started to escalate I regret not standing up for myself...but yet I feel that it wasn't my fault that they got so angry with me. Also, mind you, my hair was messed up, I had on a gray hoodie so nothing was exposed, and some dirty pants...he was fucking desperate if he was trying to holla at me!

~Submitted by Tiffany C.