Friday, February 18, 2011

I Was Afraid

I'd just gotten off the Blue Line at the Western stop,
on my way to a rehearsal at church last night. This man - slightly
homeless-looking, but not altogether unkempt, shouted at me as I walked
by him: "Hey cutie!" I turned to see who it was (could it be someone I
know?) and he had a "lusty" expression on his face. I made a disgusted
face and walked away from him just in time to hear him shout out
something like "Oooh, sexy lady's mad!" So, pulling my phone/camera
out of my pocket, but not having time or coordination to get the
camera on, I turned around and took a big step toward him and shouted
"Don't make me take a picture of you and put you up on the PERV
website!!" No response from him except wide eyes. I turned around and
walked away, and when I got about 10 paces away I heard him mutter
something inaudible.

I've been to afraid in the past to actually take photos of these
a**holes, but this was a step in the right direction for me.

~Submitted by G