Monday, June 14, 2010

This is What We Have Taught Our Boys

I was in my car stopped at a red light (Irving Park and Pulaski) when I heard some voices whistling and saying things like, "hey baby, hey gorgeous, howya doin' baby." I looked around and saw no men, and no one else was reacting. I figured out that the voices were coming from the car next to me. I glance over and there's two pre-pubescent boys sitting in the backseat of a car (because they were too small to sit in the front seat!) and hollering at me, while the woman driving just stared straight ahead with her hands on the wheel!

I couldn't believe it! So I turned to them, took their picture, and said, "Your faces are going on the internet for having a bad mother who can't stop her kids from yelling at women." And all the despicable woman could say to me was, "I'm not their mother!" If anything, that's MORE reason to bitch them out for being sleazy little bastards.

How awful. I don't remember the last time I felt so awful after being hollered at.

~Submitted by Alma