Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ukrainian Village Street Harasser with a Camera

I was walking home to Ukrainian Village after going for a jog in Humbolt Park. I was wearing some black leggings from American Apparel, the same thing I always wear when I run. But this wasn't like normal. This time, I was trailed by a man driving a 90s Chrysler minivan, champagne colored. I turned around and realized he was using his camera phone to take a picture of my butt. I yelled, "What are you doing?" and he yells back, "Trying to take a picture of your sexy pants." I said, "What?" because I was having trouble comprehending what was going on... he yells, "I am trying to take a picture of your see-through pants." So I yelled back, "You are fucking disgusting, leave me alone!" and he responds, "You're the fucking pervert! You're wearing see-through pants!" He continued to call me a pervert as he drove away... First, my pants were not see through. They were basically yoga pants. Second, regardless of how form-fitting they were, dude had no right to photograph my ass for his spank material. And then to call me a pervert? Projection, yes? I wanted to throw up. So ladies... if you see this guy in the van with long, greasy grey hair and glasses, get his license number in case he harasses you. Because by the time I realized he was trying to take pictures of my butt, I was too frazzled to get his plate number.

~submitted by Emily