Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get outta my hair!

Another humiliating experience on the redline :
Saturday night around 10:30 pm, I'm waiting at the Lake Street subway for the train. Lots of folks are milling around.

A guy sidles up to me and mumbles a sexual invitation. He smiles and makes a comment to a couple of buddies. I tell him I'm not interested and walk away, followed by his "mmhmm, awww yeah, look at her ass" etc.

About two minutes later, I feel someone behind me. One of his buddies is about 4 inches from me with his nose up towards my hair. I walk away again, hearing the guy say something about "oh yeah, she sure smells good" and a few other vulgar comments about what other parts of me he'd like to smell. As I walk away, cheeks burning, another guy does quietly tell the guys to "come on." The sniffer's friends berate him for freaking me out and making me walk away.
The guys continue to follow after me making nasty comments about how maybe I think I'm too good for them, and I continue to walk down the train platform until the train comes. Then, when it does come, I bolt about three cars down to make sure I don't have to endure another 20 minutes in the closed train with these assholes.

As much as it pisses me off that I never came up with a better way to deter these guys than to ignore them and walk away, it sucks that none of the other 100 people on the platform did anything either.