Sunday, December 10, 2006

unsafe driving

I love going for walks in my town. I can walk pretty much walk anywhere and end up where I started. And I also love the fact that summer gets the worst ignorant a-holes in the mood to harass any chick within taunting distance.
That's why when one day in, I believe July, my friend and me were walking our usual route. This car with two guys that looked between 16 and 20 ish slowed down next to us and were like, "Wanna ride?" and we were like "no." and the driver's like "aw, whatsa matter, u got sumthin against studs?" and my friend, who just can't shut up in these situations, says, "no we just have a thing against assholes. They said, "what are you, lesbians?" i sarcastically replied, "yes." And the dumbfucks believed us!
They start driving in reverse and ran up a curb. kudos to the good Samaritans in mini vans passing us by with no help. After following us for 5 min. in reverse, they finally got bored of themselves and took off.

~submitted by izzy