Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Harassed in Greektown

I just wanted to write you as I work as a part-time teller in one of the larger banks in Chicago. I also attend Columbia College full-time.
I deal with customers all day long. As part of my job I need to be friendly and helpful. Many customers take this as an invitation to hit on me and otherwise make sexual advances towards me. This happens not only to me but also to my female co-workers.
Today a customer came in to cash a check. I wasn't even the teller who waited on him but he felt it necessary to inquire if I was married. I told him that my boyfriend of two and a half years was ready with a ring. Then he asks for my number, I told him no. He then offered his phone number and email address and forced me to take both. He proceeded to tell me if I called him I "wouldn't need to be workin' here no more."
Cause obviously I need some dirty old man to be my sugar daddy.
~submitted by Tiffani