Sunday, November 19, 2006

not a friend

the scene: around 7pm, wednesday november 8th. i had just arrived at the bryn mawr el stop, and was walking home. i was waiting for the light to turn at the intersection of hollywood and ridge. just minding my own business and bobbing my head to some delicious jams on my ipod, when out of the blue, someone grabs my left ass cheek!

i immediately started screaming at him and called the police. he kept walking. afterward, i realized that i should've followed him, or perhaps snapped a photo on my camera phone, or beaten the living shit out of him, but i was so in shock that i wasn't quite thinking clearly at the time.

this whole situation makes me want to laugh. i know that assault isn't funny, but what the hell?? who goes around grabbing strangers' asses? and i realize that i have a big ass, but that doesn't give anyone license to just up and grab it.

~subitted by Carrie